Singing makes us happier!
UNISON offers young people and adults opportunities for training and performance of exceptional choral music, which promotes creativity, personal development and social growth. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of singing in a choir! Music can help us understand our differences, connect people from all walks of life, and discover what it means to be human. Challenge and learning bring the best joys and benefits of choral singing. In a wonderful team in which they experiment – besides the art of choral discipline – they play and have fun, the members of the choir live the satisfaction of success, spelling with their voices, year after year, starting in 2013, thousands and thousands of souls and minds of the public. No one would miss a concert of the Unison Stars Choir, no one would miss such an event, such a moment that lifts souls, brings smiles, cheeks cheeks with tears of happiness and fills hearts with beautiful emotions. In time, Unison became a pride for Brașov, the choir being invited to perform in famous Romanian festivals, TV shows, but also in exceptional musical events in Europe, each time returning home with coveted prizes and trophies, hundreds of other international artists. Our concerts and performances offer the opportunity of the choir members to present the studied repertoire, to appear in front of the audience, to provide value to the community and to instill a sense of joy in the achievement and satisfaction. George Dumitrascu, the parent of the UNISON STARS and the UNISON CHILDREN’S CHORUS  childhood, a youth among the portable, a youth full of musical notes and inevitably a dedicated life. music and also the discovery of fragile talents National and international tournaments enhance the choral experience. The tournaments inspire and motivate the choristers to work hard, rewarding them with an experiential learning opportunity to observe and collaborate with other high-level choirs.